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PEARLY SHELLS dancing group was founded in Helsinki in the
year 2005.

Being the guests of Sam Elone, coming from the Tonga Kingdom, we were getting to know the Polynesian culture and dances. During the dancing workshops the group had a chance to meet amazing dancing group called Hawaiian Fantasy with its leader Junius de Sadeleer, with whom the fruitful friendship lasts until the present day. As the climax of the stay in Finland we were taking part in a Hula Dance Festival in the Savoy Theathre. The members of Pearly Shells team were performing Otea and Haka dance in the self-made Polynesian costumes.

Our group was performing on many domestic and foreign stages: during the Hochland Gala in Warsaw Intercontinental Hotel, as an artwork of New Year’s Eve party in Aquapark Warmiapark and Pietrak Hotel in Trzemeszno, during galas of such companies as: Rosa, Kaufland, State Street, the integration party of Royal Bank of Scotland and many other companies. Moreover, in Leżajsk we presented ourselves to the publicity taking part in the international project "Stage Art as a Universal Form of Intercultural Dialogue". Pearly Shells were also regularly supporting the foundations: Dr Clown and Mimo Wszystko in their charitable activity.

foto3 Celebrating 5th anniversary of art activity Pearly Shells presented dances to the wide audience in Polish public first program TVP1. In 2013 the group was taking also part in talent show program “Poland got talent” getting successfully 3 times Yes. In the year 2007, in Izmit in Turkey, the Pearly Shells representative was performing live for the Turkish television tv41, where he had the opportunity to present the warrior dance Haka and the Pearly Shells group.  Furthermore the men part of the group danced before the I League Rugby match in Krakow.

Pearly Shells is cooperating with various Polynesian groups around of Europe: Hawaiian Fantasy (Holland) with the leader Junius de Sadeleer, Aloha Tahiti (France), Toteva Rapa Nui (Spain), Polynesie (Czech Republic). 

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